How do you take your coffee?

“Would you like sugar or cream?” I ask as I pour coffee into a mug.

Just cream, please.” You sit down at my kitchen table while my puppies, Bella and Sebastian, jump up on your leg, shamelessly begging to be petted. It’s a banner day at my home. Company has arrived.

I hand you the cup of coffee and sit down next to you at my table. The late afternoon sun bathes my small kitchen in golden light. You raise the cup to your mouth, breathe in the steam, and scrutinize the mug.

I wait, silently, as you search for the right words to float to the surface.

This is my vision for my blog: you and I, sitting around my kitchen table. Sipping coffee and searching for a new understanding about God so that, through faith, we can reflect His love and acceptance to everyone. That’s right, to everyone.

So please. Sit. Are you hungry? I think I’ve got something to munch on around here.

Please pardon my puppies. They love having company.

And so do I.



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