Update: The sequel to Caught in the Crossfire

Yup, I’ve been MIA for awhile. My deepest apologies.

In my defense, I have been entrenched in the world of the sequel! (I can’t decide on a title so the sequel it is for now.)

I thought I’d bop by today to give you all a quick update. The sequel is coming along beautifully! In fact, I have a completed first draft now (YAY! OH GLORIOUS DAY! IS THAT ANGELS I HEAR SINGING? I THINK IT IS!) and I love it. There is more work to do with revision; however, I am very pleased with it.

So what is it about?

As sequels do, this book follows Caught in the Crossfire which told the story of Jonathan Cooper, a gay teenager who struggled to integrate his sexuality with his evangelical Christian beliefs when he fell in love with the fiery Ian McGuire at Spirit Lake Bible Camp. The sequel takes up that story after the bubble of camp bursts and Jonathan must return to his real life. That means home, family, school and friends. While Caught in the Crossfire is a poignant story of faith and love, the sequel is a painful story of friends turned to enemies and Jonathan’s attempts to keep it together in the face of excruciating betrayal and bullying. However, it is also the delightful story of new friendships found in the unlikeliest of places.

Here’s a teaser: There WILL be a battle to establish a GSA at East Bay Christian Academy, Jonathan’s fundamentally conservative school! There WILL be loads of drama with his soccer team. There WILL be a new love interest to pique Jonathan’s interest and challenge his relationship with Ian, and of course, there WILL be complications aplenty at home. A new cast of characters will be introduced while some of your favorites (YAY, Simon, Dawn, Bear & Ian!) will return.

That’s all for now, folks.



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