For The Love Of A Good Dog

I’m a dog lover. Specifically, I’m a dachshund lover.

My current fur baby is  five-year-old Bella (wire-haired and piebald). She’s a total character and has me wrapped around her little paws.

Here’s proof:


It’s raining like crazy in Minnesota today. I’d say it’s raining cats and dogs, but Bella wouldn’t approve. This onslaught became an issue in my household this morning when, after the third (very quick) trip outside with zero results, she looked at me with pleading eyes that I absolutely couldn’t resist. So, armed with an umbrella, Bella and I went outside again, hoping the fourth time would be the charm.

It was.

We returned to the house, me soaked and her perfectly dry and much happier, and neither of us gave a darn that we had just entertained my entire neighborhood.

It seemed to me that there could be a bigger message in this little moment of my life, one that might be blog-worthy of sharing. It has to do with the nature of love.

Love is facing the storm with someone. Love is providing shelter for someone in need. Love is being willing to get soaked so that someone else can stay dry. (Love is even holding an umbrella for a little puppy who has to pee.)


Wishing you sunshine today.



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