Searching for Grace, Under Contract!


Searching for Grace, the sequel to Caught in the Crossfire, has been contracted for publication by Bold Strokes Books. It is tentatively scheduled to be released Fall, 2014 following Caught in the Crossfire’s release in the Spring of 2014.


I don’t even know how to wrap my head around all this AMAZING news much less find the words to share how I feel with you, but I’m in the business of finding words so here it goes . . .

I am twirling on tiptoes that I get to work with Len Barot, my publisher, Lynda Sandoval, my editor, and Saritza Hernandez, my agent. Yeah, it will be my name on the covers of my books, but just so we’re all clear . . . I have a trifecta of talent working alongside me.

And then there are two women in my writers group: Aren Sabers and Margaret Wimberley, you told me to go for it when the storyline for Searching for Grace showed up and threatened to break my heart if I wrote it. You told me that was precisely why I had to write it. So I did ~ with both of you by my side, patching me up as needed. I think I’m finally fit for company of the two-legged variety, ladies, and the next round is on me!

Now let’s talk SEARCHING FOR GRACE, the sequel! Here’s the blurb:

Camp is over. Now what?

Sixteen-year-old Jonathan Cooper returns to his real home in Minnetonka, Minnesota. To his real life with his mother whose silence is worse than anything she could say. To his real school where he plays on the varsity soccer team with his real friends at East Bay Christian Academy who just happen to be listening to the very real rumors about what he did with a boy last summer at bible camp. 

All the important lines blur.

     Between truth and lies.

     Between friends and enemies.

     Between reality and illusion.

Just when Jonathan feels completely alone, help arrives from the unlikeliest of sources. Frances “Sketch” Mallory, the girl from his art classes he always thought was too weird to take seriously and her equally eccentric friend, Mason. For a short while, life is better. Almost survivable.

Then Ian comes to town on the night of the homecoming dance and what should have been a dream come true for Jonathan turns into a nightmare when Ian refuses to walk away from a fight. Fists fly, blood flows and Jonathan, powerless to save either the boy he loves or the former best friend he still cares about, does the only thing he thinks might save them all.

He whispers a prayer for God’s grace.

There you have it, the sequel to Caught in the Crossfire. 

I hope you all love Searching for Grace as much as I do.



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