Cover Reveal for Caught in the Crossfire!

Today rocked. It was one of those days when it was rainy outside and I was feeling sort of blech and then I got an email from Radclyffe, publisher at Bold Strokes Books, that changed everything! Yup, it was THE EMAIL. The one that delivered the final cover for Caught in the Crossfire, coming out on June 16th, 2014 ! Talk about a 180 degree mood swing. Seriously, if I’d been wearing a mood ring I would have sent it into an tilt-a-whirl of confusion. So, without further delay or musings about dorky 70’s fashion choices, here it is . . .

The cover of Caught in the Crossfire!

Caught in the Crossfire 300 DPI

Isn’t it just amazing?????

From the moment I saw this cover, I was captivated by it. The gaze of that model who is Ian McGuire, my main character’s love interest in Caught in the Crossfire, brought to life! It seriously was a startling thing to look at this model and see my exact image of Ian! How cool is it that the reader will look through the eyes of my main character, Jonathan Cooper, from the very first moment of picking up my book and feel the same dynamic pull of Ian?

If that weren’t awesome enough, I have to point out the part of the cover that moves me the most. The message that lies in subtext. Those squares of color that break through? I can’t look at them without imagining the filter of Jonathan’s whole life cracking as he first sees Ian. How the colors of the rainbow literally break through in bits and pieces as the denial he has clung to his whole life falls away from him. And that bleed of blue that seeps down Ian’s face? Oh man, that touches me the most because it tells me that though the discovery of first love is exciting and amazing, for Jonathan it also comes with tremendous feelings of conflict and even depression. Sheri, you are brilliant, and I am forever in your debt for your understanding and appreciation of Caught in the Crossfire.

And Radclyffe, you blew me away with how much input I was allowed to have in cover design and choice! I know enough to know that I am very, very lucky to be with Bold Strokes Books! So thank you, Rad and Sheri, for all your creativity and kindness!

Everyone, enjoy the cover! It is available for pre-orders at Bold Strokes Books and other booksellers right now!



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