Cajun-Flavored Coffee, 13 lb. Triplets, and Book Edits

The moment I’ve been waiting a year for has finally come. Edits for Caught in the Crossfire have arrived and it’s fantastic. Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be like that. I thought it was going to be painful and tear-producing and darling-killing, because, you see, most of the writers I know have been recounting their dreaded editorial letter stories to me the way mothers of 13 lb triplets might talk about the joys of childbirth. I’m talking horror stories worthy of Stephen King or Chuck Palahniuk here.
But the reality has been nothing like that. It has been a GIFT, which is great because this is a gift-giving time of year, and I do like to be seasonally appropriate. So what if I haven’t baked one darn cookie or wrapped one present or done anything remotely Christmas-y beyond stare at the tree while visions of two boys at bible camp dance in my head? I’m feeling the magic, people. It’s my holiday and I’ll thank you not to bah humbug all over it.
So, the suggested edits for Caught in the Crossfire? They’re SO, SO, SO good it makes me want to die a little bit and wonder things like: I have read this book approximately 243 times. How the heck did I not notice that Ian is a bit of a jerk in the third chapter and that it might help to actually show Jake entering the scene before Ian groans at his arrival? And yeah, it’s humbling, but in the best sort of way because I can feel myself learning and growing and improving. It’s also gratifying because I am SO thankful for the opportunity to work with my editor, Lynda Sandoval, who is as funny and nice as she is smart and sassy. Have I said it before? I am ridiculously blessed.
But now I must go. Sorry. This has been fun, but I need to make a new pot of coffee because cajun seasoning – while it may look exactly like cinnamon in a dimly lit kitchen at 4:30 in the morning – does not produce the same flavor. Shocking, I know.
Oh, and I should probably get back to Ian and Jonathan and bible camp and all that jazz, and I will . . . after I brew some more coffee.



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