Manuscript Critique /Individual Mentoring Services


I provide professional manuscript critiques and individual mentoring of aspiring authors. I focus on giving constructive feedback to writers of all experience levels and genres; however,  I specialize in providing the following services for authors of young adult fiction:

* Line Edits

* Substantive Edits

*Full Manuscript Edits

*Social Media Platform Building

*Literary Agent Query Preparation

Please contact me to discuss your project. Generally, I like to meet in person to discuss an author’s vision for the manuscript prior to agreeing to provide editorial/mentoring support. If you are not a Minnesota resident, we can speak on the phone or via Skype.

All manuscript critiques include in-depth editorial letters and may include a thorough line-editing of your work if that is a service you also desire. I provide electronic critiques and require:

  • A properly formatted manuscript in Word (double spaced, 12pt readable font, numbered pages, contact information and word count on page 1).

I will email you upon receiving your manuscript and payment to let you know they arrived safely. Then, within an agreed upon time frame, depending on the scope of the project, I will mail/email you:

  • A 1-2 page editorial letter giving my general response to your story—its strengths, and the major areas in which it could grow.
  • Your line-edited manuscript, if contracted, marked with comments indicating specific places where your writing is at its best, and suggesting changes in places where the text could be stronger.  Emailed manuscripts will be line-edited using “track changes” in Microsoft Word.

After you have digested my suggestions, I like to meet again (in person, preferably, or via phone of Skype if not possible). No one knows your story better than you and I provide this complementary post-critique meeting to give you a chance to ask questions, seek clarification, brainstorm future steps for your novel, or discuss other ways I can be of assistance to you.

At this point, I may also consider mentoring you if I feel my background, contacts, and experience could assist not only polishing your manuscript, but launching your publishing career.

Congratulations on taking a huge step to honor your creative self and invest in your writing!

What other aspiring writers are saying…

“Juliann’s input was critical in helping me see into my character. After working with her, I feel like the people in my books have become real to me in a way they never were before. Writing is so much more fun now because it’s like hanging out with my best friends!”

~ Amber L.

“Best thing I ever did was hire Juliann to critique my manuscript. She’s tough but kind and I did need her to remove my adult voice and let the kids in my book talk. After working with Juliann as an editor, I hired her to individually mentor me and guess what? I just landed a lit agent! YAY! Thank you, Juliann!”

~Sarah G.

“Juliann is just a bundle of energy, creativity, fun, and pure brain power. She has an intuitive sense of the story and pointed out exactly where my plot was sluggish and I was risking losing readers. Her suggestions were great and they really breathed life into the second act of my book. I finally feel ready to send my book out to agents. Fingers crossed!”

~ Laura J.

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Juliann. I sent my manuscript off to her and worried like a Mama sending her son to Kindergarten for the first day. My book is my baby. Know what I mean? I worried it would be picked on or picked apart or that I’d somehow get called to the Principal’s Office and told my baby was misbehaving! I didn’t need to worry. Juliann’s editorial letter was exactly what I needed. Filled with great insights suggestions for improvement as well as affirming the good things my book has going for it. Most of all, though, I laughed out loud at her crazy funny comments in track changes! She made the process a ton of fun and my manuscript a better book. I still have work to do before I’m ready to query agents and will very likely hire Juliann to mentor me through that process. Thanks, Juliann! Your assistance has been invaluable.”

~Katerina Z.

And now for The Deets:

After I have agreed to provide critique for your manuscript or individual mentoring, you will be given quote for the project and we can discuss various payment options available to you.