Preparing for Publication . . . NOW

The Loft Literary Center Young Adult Literature Conference,

April 26th – 27th, 2014


Description: Write the book first! It’s a common sentiment from authors, agents, and editors alike when talking about the path to publication. Too often writers want to know what comes next before the real work is even complete. But are there things you can do right now that will help pave your way to a writing career? Authors Juliann Rich, Dawn Klehr, and Nikki Urang answer with a resounding, Yes! In fact, they will provide 10 steps an aspiring author can take to prepare for (and survive) the publication process. From social media tips and industry advice, to fun coping strategies and stress relievers, get ready to take on the world of publishing.

The intended level: Beginning/Intermediate


17393014Dawn Klehr is the author of THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR (Flux 2013) and TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE (Flux 2014). She has taught broadcasting and media training in the corporate world and has been a guest speaker at area colleges and high schools.


Caught in the Crossfire 300 DPIJuliann Rich is the author of the YA novels CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE (Bold Strokes Books, June 16th, 2014) and SEARCHING FOR GRACE (Bold Strokes Books, Fall 2014). She works as a PR Specialist at a natural health clinic and teaches classes on health-related issues to adults.


The-Hit-List-Nikki-UrangNikki Urang is the author of the YA/NA crossover THE HIT LIST (Spencer Hill Contemporary, November 18, 2014). She works as a chemical dependency counselor with a focus on harm reduction.


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